Brexit no Barrier to trade: in conversation with BBC Radio Leeds

Following the release of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership’s report on Preparing for Brexit, BBC Radio Leeds contacted A-SAFE to ask if they would consider adding their comment.

Journalist Matt Soanes spent an hour with Co-Owner and Director James Smith talking about the impact that the upcoming exit from the European Union has – or more importantly has not – had on A-SAFE’s business.

A-SAFE Co-Owner and Director James Smith

A-SAFE Co-Owner and Director James Smith

A-SAFE are known within the region and beyond as a key exporter. As James Smith said during the visit “Elland supplies the world”. Each and every product is designed, tested and manufactured at the company’s Innovation Centre in West Yorkshire. Over 80% of their products are exported around the world – a percentage that is consistently growing; cementing A-SAFE’s position as an authority on international trade.


From A-SAFE’s perspective, the story is incredibly positive. In the two years since the vote, Britain has been preoccupied with what is happening with Brexit and how it will affect business and the economy. For A-SAFE, their growth has continued apace and shows no sign of slowing down as we approach March 2019.

Click here to listen to the full segment.

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