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A-SAFE launches new hygiene partition for industrial facilities

A-SAFE launches new hygiene partition for industrial facilities

A-SAFE has expanded its range of workplace safety products to include a robust hygiene partition for heavy-duty industrial environments. 


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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The new Hygiene Guard has been designed to support social distancing and reduce the risk of airborne bacteria and viruses passing between employees.


Hygiene Guard has been designed to be installed in close-working areas where it can be difficult to observe social distancing, such as along production lines, around machinery or at packing stations.

Engineered from robust MemaplexTM polymer with a transparent polycarbonate  screen, Hygiene Guard provides a physical barrier between workstations without affecting lines of sight or blocking light on the shop floor. Its shock-resistant and ultra-low maintenance design makes it ideal for heavy-duty environments such as factories, warehouses and logistics operations.

Quick and simple to install, Hygiene Guard bolts to the floor and can be used individually or in multiples to create longer partitions. Furthermore, two size options and a four-way post design allow a variety of layout options, including angled partition walls and star configurations.

The new product comes at a time when many industrial businesses are resuming operations following the easing of lockdown measures. It provides an effective solution to the challenge of maintaining social distancing without hindering operational efficiency: “Making workplaces safer is at the heart of everything we do here at A-SAFE,” says James Smith, the company’s Director and Co-owner. “Whether this is in reducing the risk of impact accidents with safety barriers and bollards or protecting workers from the risk of infection. The new HygieneGuard supports workplace hygiene by providing effective social distancing in areas where it might otherwise be impossible.”

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