A-SAFE are covering critical corners

For workplace safety innovators, A-SAFE, protecting critical structures is an essential element in the full spectrum of their health and safety and operational efficiency solutions.

Pallet trucks are not the most maneuverable of vehicles; in today’s high-speed world, it is unsurprising that 90° corners are hotspots for scuffs and bumps. Resulting chips and scrapes need continuous management and repair to retain complete structural integrity.

With a family of wall protection solutions on offer, the addition of the FlexiShield™ Corner Guard to protect these vulnerable corners has further enhanced the A-SAFE product range.

“The new Corner Guard works on two fronts – it’s highly visible which makes it easier to avoid potential impacts, then even if an impact does occur the FlexiShield™ features will absorb the impact and lessen damage both to the structure it’s protecting as well as the truck or trolley that made the impact and its load” reports A-SAFE’s Head of Engineering.

By keeping the footprint of this product as narrow as possible, A-SAFE have produced a solution to absorb impact without encroaching into designated traffic routes. Its stackable configuration means customers can mount them one on top of the other – floor to ceiling if required: “We have seen instances recently with laden roll containers causing damage higher up warehouse walls, therefore it was important that our solution could meet impact damage further up the structure.” adds A-SAFE’s Product Manager

The chevron design has been specifically developed to enhance the impact absorption of the product. The Corner Guard’s chevrons increase surface area which then enables it to spread the load of the impact further; lessening its effect on the structure it is protecting.

The new product seamlessly integrates into the A-SAFE range of wall and corner protection; enabling customers to further safeguard their infrastructure and assets from unnecessary harm and damage.

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