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A-SAFE polymer safety bollards

A-SAFE flexible bollards are perfect for providing quick, effective protection so your productivity is never challenged. Easy to install and able to withstand repeated impacts, these industrial bollards require little maintenance, making them incredibly cost-effective.

Engineered specifically for heavy-duty environments such as factories, warehouse, airports and carparks, our polymer bollards absorb impact energy and fully recover without causing damage to floors, unlike traditional concrete and steel bollards. Fully customizable and versatile, A-SAFE safety bollards can provide the right protection for your facility in no time. 

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A-SAFE bollards protect against:


Building damage

Forklift trucks and pallet trucks can cause damage to walls, doorways and other structures.


Floor damage

Steel and concrete bollards can crack or rip up floors if a vehicle collides with them.


Machinery damage

Vehicle impacts can cause damage to vital machinery, resulting in costly repairs and operational downtime.


Equipment and FLT damage

Impacts with buildings infrastructure or inflexible concrete or steel safety bollards can damage forklifts and other materials handling equipment.

Safety innovation

A-SAFE safety bollards are engineered from MemaplexTM, a unique three-layer blend of polymers with an innovative built-in memory for the ultimate flexibility. 

A-SAFE offers a range of bollard products to suit any heavy-duty application and impact scenario, including a bollard specifically engineered to perform in the extreme environment of a cold storage facility.

industrial bollard safety Guardrail protection in factory

A-SAFE bollard benefits


Reduced maintenance

Low-maintenance, self-colored polymer safety bollards are non-corroding and do not require repainting.


Fewer repairs

A-SAFE bollards flex and recover from vehicle impacts without causing damage to floors or ground substrates.


Risk reduction

Polymer bollards reduce the risk of impact accidents and prevent damage to buildings, assets and vital infrastructure.


Proven performance

A-SAFE bollards are impact-tested to PAS 13 standards and independently certified by TÜV Nord.

Polymer impact protection safety bollard in warehouse

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Case study
Hygienic protection for Johnson & Johnson

A-SAFE recommends dedicated hygiene-optimized protection for industrial vehicles and pedestrians at Johnson & Johnson’s brand-new manufacturing facility

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