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Protx™ Food Safe Cleaner

Protx Food Safe Cleaner is a fast-acting cleaning spray for food processing facilities and contaminant sensitive environments.

Anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and microbial growth, whilst unique micro emulsion cuts through hard-to-remove grease and grime.

The non-smear high-foam formula sticks to vertical surfaces to prevent contamination through run-off or dripping.

Formulated to work with Protx Food Safe Finishing Coat to resist microbial and fungal build-up, repel dirt, and enable a more efficient cleaning process.

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Product Benefits

Penetrates Grime
Penetrates Grime

Cuts through grease and grime in the most sensitive environments.

Active Foam Formula
Active Foam Formula

Clings to vertical surfaces preventing run-off or drip contamination.


Avoids hazardous molecules, protecting people and the environment.

2 Part System
2 Part System

Ensures the cleanest of surfaces, ready for the protective finishing coat.

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