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Forklift traffic segregation replaces steel for Kimberly-Clark’s UK site

Our range of barriers and Bollards were chosen by the team at Kimberly-Clark to replace the existing steel barrier protection, eliminating both damage and downtime.

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Kimberly-Clark is an American multinational personal care corporation with 42,000 employees worldwide, with operations in 35 countries.

A-SAFE has been supplying its health and safety solutions to Kimberly-Clark sites around the world since 2005.


At one of their UK sites, healthcare giants Kimberly-Clark needed to upgrade their existing steel barrier protection after experiencing persistent problems with heavy duty forklift trucks impacting barriers and high value equipment being damaged in high traffic areas. The customer required a solution that could withstand repeated traffic impacts without damage, eliminate downtime, increase operational efficiency and streamline the facility.



  • iFlex™ Pedestrian 3 Rail Barrier
  • iFlex™ Single Traffic+ Barrier
  • Single Traffic Barrier

A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed a combined vehicle and personnel segregation solution – iFlex Single Traffic+ Barrier, supported by iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail Barrier to ensure that pedestrians could work and travel alongside industrial vehicles via safe, protected and designated traffic routes.

Single Traffic Barriers also shielded expensive machinery and equipment from vehicle impacts, absorbing energy, preventing damage, reducing repair costs and avoiding downtime. Specifically designed for the health and hygiene industry – our products benefit from hygiene seals, no ingress points, water resistance, a convenient wipe clean exterior and stainless steel base plates.

Kimberly Clark’s Site Safety Advisor added: “A-SAFE has proven time and time again that plastic barriers are superior to steel in all areas, offering my team peace of mind that what we are installing is doing its job of safeguarding the workforce and machinery.”

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